How did I tell Scott?
Hi All,
Thanks for logging on to our new little website.  We wanted to give you all a place to come for updates on the newest member of the family.  So how did Scott find out about the baby?  I found out on Friday morning (April 18th) but wanted to tell Scott in a special way.  I spent the entire day not being able to do anything but think about what was going on inside my body.  I decided I would suggest going to the beach the next morning and sitting on the pier to eat breakfast (a little thing we love to do together).  Then I would tell him while we were there.  The next morning we were getting ready to go when Scott says that it might be too cold to go down to the beach and we should just go somewhere around here.  Having anticipated he might say that I came up with a quick solution.  I picked up the camera and started acting silly.  I told Scott to act sexy, then act silly, then act surprised.  
What’s Going on With Us
Sunday, July 6, 2008
Then I said “Pretend like I told you that I was pregnant.”  Here is his reaction:
Then I said “What if I told you I wasn’t kidding” - there was a pause and he looked like this (go to the photo page and click back and forth between the two photos, its fun):
Then he said “Did you test?”  I pulled out the test and he gave me a very big hug.  Then the shock started to seep in.  We were both very happy but very much in shock.  Here is the progression of Scott’s emotions right afterwards:
We wound up going to Twains for breakfast - another favorite of ours and sat and talked about everything from finding a doctor to how we were going to tell our families.  Then we went and bought a baby name book which provided Scott with endless fun as he picked out names like Bilbo, Fyodor, Iago, Hermione, Tijuana and of course Indiana Jones.