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Pre-Baby Pics
We’re Married!
Bob’s Big Boy - Burbank - After the Ceremony
St Francis de Sales Church Fair
Long Beach
Prince, Vegas
Sing-a-Log Sound of Music at the Bowl
Universal Studios
Emily’s Wedding - Colorado
The Continental Divide at Loveland PAss, Colorado
The Huntington Gardens - We’re Engaged!
Dodger’s Stadium - First Playoff’s since ‘88
Orcas Island, Washington
Orcas Island, Washington
Under the Santa Monica Pier
Empire State Building
Rent!  Scott’s first time.
First night of the Honeymoon
Helicopters are cool
The beach outside the hotel.
Another beautiful Maui sunset
Maui Ocean center
Another beautiful Maui sunset
Ally’s Wedding
Aquarium of the Pacific
The Simpson’s Season Premier Party
Union Station, Denver
The Blue Bayou - Our First Anniversary
Puerto Vallarta
Crissy and Jamie’s Rehersal Dinner
Crissy and Jamie’s Wedding
NY Public Library
Thank God the Butterfly House was a House
Wow did the rain start at the wrong time.
The Ferry to Ellis Island
Ellis ISland
LA County Fair
LA County Fair
Kiss Coffee House, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach
Uncle Mike’s Wedding
Karri’s 1st Denver Hannukah
Karri’s 1st Denver Hannukah
Karri’s 1st Denver Hannukah
Devils v. Avalanche, Pepsi Center
Damn, that’s some crab.
Garland is fun
Cap’n Karri
Denver Zoo’s Train
The Huntington
The lorakeets at the Aquarium of the Pacific
Karri really doesn’t like Sharks
Having a little modeling fun
Humpty Dumpty hasn’t fallen yet.
Richard Chamberlin @ LAX
Helen Slater & Yardley Smith
Rob Lowe and Ed Zwick
George Lucas - Rockstar
Arnie enjoying the game.
Contemplative Jon
New Year’s Eve
Read the plate
City and County Building - Denver